Monday, July 11, 2016

Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival

Yesterday was the last day of the KY Renaissance Fair in Eminence, Kentucky.  Meg and I had never been to it, so we decided to go check it out.
 Most of it is under trees (Briarwood Forest), which makes it pleasant to browse through the booths.
 Plenty of people in period costume.
 The booths that were selling leather goods had an intoxicating aroma (love that leather smell!)
 Of course, my eye goes to anything stone...
 ...and there's also wood carvings.
 Speaking of Dragons, I thought this copper and brass sculpture was stunning!
 Meg bought a hand-made item from these working blacksmiths.
LOTS of stuff for kids.  It's very family oriented.
The main attraction was the jousting (although I, personally, want to give honorable mention to all the beautiful women in corsets...).  We had a great time and will probably go again next year.  I highly recommend the experience.

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