Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All Work and No Play... not a phrase that could ever be applied to me.
 However...I've changed this... this - in a relatively short time.  (and my arms are sore as hell!)
 This is what the other side looks like, today.
 From the side, you can see that it's not as symmetrical as it looks from the front or back views.  I'm slowly carving it to have some nice sweeping curves.
 This was such a short post that I decided to pad it with a couple pictures from my trip to Dubuque earlier this month.  It took every bit of boom, jib and extension that this 50 ton crane had to reach my sculpture.
It was a very long trip home with this heavy, heavy payload - I never was able to get above 60 miles per hour.  Also, I stopped at every rest area...(to let the tires cool, rest my white knuckles and try to unclench my backside).  Not something that I want to try again any time soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Showers

It's rained more often than not, lately.
 This is how the north face of my large stone hands looked in the last posting...
 ...and this is how it looks today.
 I've been working out a new design for a functional sculpture, inspired by all the fresh new spring growth.
 Meg helped me to get the old crane truck started (it really was a 2 person job).  We moved this 4,000 lb. stone over near the shop where I can begin to block in this new sculpture.  The stone measures about 8'-7'W x 3'-4"H x 2''s a big project.
The last rays of the setting sun really help get the feel that I wanted with "Invocation.
 Tribble door.
St. Francis and Skidoo.
(yep, you cross a line when you start giving wildlife names...)