Saturday, April 22, 2017

Buffalo Commission - Month Two

 This is the block as it looked on February 15, when it arrived at the studio.
 This is how it looked 1 month later...
 ...and here's how it looked on April 15 - exactly 2 months into the project.
 ...and walking around the piece...
 ...further around...
 ...the left side...
...and the back side.   It's coming along better than I expected.  I've posted videos on YouTube that show a weeks worth of work compressed into about 3 to 4 minutes in a time lapse. Here's the latest one:

Monday, March 6, 2017

Progress on the Buffalo Commission

It seems that spring is trying to come early...
 This was the last image that I posted - the block when it first came to the studio on Wednesday, February 15.
 This is that same view today.
 This is the block as seen from the other side when it came in...
 ... and this is how the left side looks today.
 On rainy days, I worked inside on a 1/2 scale clay model of the head.
 It's not finished, but I'm making great progress on finding improvements to make over the small 1/8 scale plaster model.
... and I'll finish today's post with a wildlife picture that I snapped while working on the clay head.  To the lower right of the marble column is a rare, white turkey.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Great White Buffalo Commission for Buffalo Trace Distillery

It's been a very long time since my last blog post.  But, here's the latest news...
 I received a commission from Buffalo Trace Distilleries in Frankfort, KY.  Approximately 28 artist from around the world submitted designs to the open call for submissions through
 My plaster model was picked by the employees of Buffalo Trace as the favorite.
 I found a 32,000 lb. block at Victor Quarry near Bloomington that was big enough.  The Buffalo needed to be 7-1/2' long x 5' high x 3' wide.  The block was 8-1/2' x 5'-2" x 4'-11", so I was happy that the quarry agreed to make a cut lengthwise to the 3' width - to save me a LOT of time.
 On February 15, Padgett Crane of New Albany, IN sent out a 50 ton crane to unload the stone that was delivered by Stone Belt Trucking of Bloomington.
 With the extra width cut off, the Buffalo stone now only weighed 22,000 lbs.  That's a good start....
 Here is the other 10,000 lbs. that they cut off.  It will likely become a functional sculpture (bench) someday.
Here is the block ready to be carved.  Tabula Rasa - the clean saw cut down the side is like a blank canvas ready to receive the first mark. The block is actually about 39" wide, so I can make the whole thing a little bigger - and make good use of the whole block.