Sunday, February 27, 2011

University of Louisville presentation

Last Saturday, Meg and I spent a memorable afternoon with Dick and Ardi Wilson. They treated us to a great brunch at the Meridian Cafe and then invited us to their home to discuss commissions for Meg and myself. There's a LOT more to this story, and I'll post more as things progress. In the right of the picture is one of my sculptural benches that Dick acquired in the early 90's.

Meg snapped this view inside their home.

The good weather continued through the first half of the week, and I was able to make this progress on my life size limestone figure.

Wednesday night - meatloaf and potatoes.

Thursday, we gave a presentation to Ed Hamilton's public art class at the University of Louisville. This is Matt Weir, a local sculptor and a good friend of ours, who is assistant to Ed in teaching the class.

The most enjoyable part was when Ed treated Matt, Meg and myself to drinks afterwards.

This intense week ended on a real high note. I may have found a home for this piece...

...and this one, too. I'll post more, as plans become more solid.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Purdue University to acquire Hand sculpture

It's official - the art selection committee at Purdue University have decided to add my hand sculpture to their permanent collection. What a fantastic start for 2011!

I made this clay model, among others, during the freezing days of this winter. This sculpture, entitled "Testing the Water", is the first to be carved this season from a life-size block of Indiana Limestone.

There were 2 days near the end of January when the temperatures rose above the freezing mark. I started the project then, by splitting off extra length that I didn't need.
Meg has already claimed the top piece to create something for the Yew Dell outdoor sculpture show.

We had great weather last week. I took the model outside and began to block in the piece.

The sculpture is laying on its back, right now. I've roughed in where the front foot will emerge.

I removed extra stone along her left side first.

Then, I removed extra stone from her right side. I now have all the outside points for the form.

Meg snapped this shot of ice falls in the Wildlife Area. I hope this is the last of ice and snow for a while.