Sunday, June 26, 2016

Virgin Finished and a Couple of Shows

 I'm basically finished with the 8' tall Virgin Mary commission.
 This is another view.  I'll be making arrangements for delivery... after I've lived with it a bit to make sure that I can't make further refinements.
 Saturday, June 26, Meg and I went to Hidden Hill Nursery to see a show of artworks by Caren Cunningham and Al Gorman.  I'd only been there once before about 10 years ago - and I remembered seeing this piece by Amy Brier. (photo Meg White)
 Nearby, they are about to complete the east end bridge. (photo Meg White)
 It's cool to see the work-in-progress.  (photo Meg White)
...and Friday we went to Bedford, Indiana for their annual rock and mineral show.  This was my favorite purchase - a sparkly group of Calcite crystals from Mexico.

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