Saturday, July 23, 2016

"Now" ...and again...

Since I finished the private commission, I have returned to carving on the 30,000 lb. pair of hands.
 In the front corners, you can see that I've cut some huge notches.
 I'm trying to simplify the composition by making the surrounding matrix into pure rectangular forms. 
 This view shows how much work remains to be done (makes me tired to look at it....)
 It's brutally HOT and I've been trying to get up before dawn and work in the cooler mornings.  ("Try" is the operative word here - I'm not a morning person).
 This is the first fawn this year to make its appearance at the studio - hopefully, we'll be seeing many more.
Speaking of deer... can you see the doe camped out in the shade behind the feed table?  She's peering out between the 'V' shaped trees.

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