Sunday, December 8, 2013

SAIL !!!

Check out the video called "Grinding the Crack" on youtube.  It shows Jeb Corliss jumping from a very high cliff and sailing through a distant ravine wearing a wing suit.
 I was completely impressed - a modern day Icarus!  I made a thumbnail clay model for a sculptural vessel inspired by Jeb Corliss and base jumping in a wing suit. 
 I took the model outside to find a suitable stone.  I found an odd shaped piece, and made this quick sketch to see if I could modify the design to better fit the stone.
 I carted the stone into the studio, transferred the design onto it and...
 Here's a front view."  It's made from Indiana Limestone and measures 24" x 18" x 8".
 If nothing else, it works as a cat bed. (Which reminds youtube's "Kitty Corliss" after watching"Grinding the Crack").
 I delivered "Exposure" on Monday.  It has a beautiful new home near Brownsboro, Kentucky.  It is made from a particularly high quality piece of Indiana Limestone, measures 44" x 22" x 12" and weighs about 800 lbs!  Thank goodness that I had help from Tommy and Gabriel, 2 employees of the collector.  Without them, it would have been real tough for me.
 It's in excellent company - right next to this Barney Bright bronze.  Anyone who knows Barney would recognize this as a self portrait of him as a Centaur.  I was apprenticed to Barney in 1986 - another lifetime ago.
 The best money that I've spent all year was on this new wood stove in the studio.  I love it.  It also makes a great place to display my bronze "Sunrise" sculpture.
 Tie-Dye chimney, too (go figure).
Just in time before the first snow fall on Friday.