Saturday, July 30, 2016

"Crucible" Loaded Up

Wednesday, July 27 was the day that was scheduled for loading out my large stone sculpture "Crucible".  All photos on this post are by Meg White.
 In the background, you can see a large thunderstorm that just missed us to the north.  The weather has been crazy all summer - I wasn't sure that we'd be able to load this piece out because of all the rain.
 I rigged the sculpture up...
 ...then, Dereck loaded the 6,800 lb. sculpture onto the back of his truck to take it over to the studio.
 I liked this photo by Meg as it gives comparison between "Crucible" and "Ecliptic" in the foreground.
 We set the piece on the ground and then rolled it onto its side.  I'd been dreading this part for months - rolling over something that's heavy, fragile... and sold.
 I drilled 3 holes in the bottom and epoxied 3 stainless steel pins into place.  Next, we stood it back up.
 The last move was to load it up on the 24' flatbed truck that I'd rented from Thrifty that morning.  After some power washing, it was strapped down and made ready for the trip to Indianapolis the next day.
While Dereck and I were out in the sun loading up the sculpture, Meg (over in the shade of the woods) photographed these cling pads on a Virginia Creeper vine.  Pretty sculptural, if you ask me.

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