Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ecliptic Sculpture Takes Shape

The summer is coming to a close...
 ...and work on my 6' tall "Ecliptic" stone sculpture is proceeding.  This is a side-by-side comparison of the last progress shot (August 11) and how it looks today (September 8).
 This is an alternate view.  This sculpture has opened dialog and awareness about our solar system among those who have watched this sculpture take shape.  Even my own mother pointed out Saturn which was in the night sky last Friday.
 Here is another view with "Crucible" in the background.
 "How much is that Mushroom in the window?"  I sold and delivered 5 stone sculptures to The Garden Place which is located at 110 Fairmeade Road in Louisville.  It is 1 block east of Shelbyville Road - easy to find.
 I'm catching my breath after unloading the other 4 sculptures (the Leaf is behind me).  Tim Boden is the owner of the store; if you're interested in any of these 5 sculptures, then he's the one who you want to talk to.  He also has several other stone pieces for the landscape - I actually ended up taking one of his antique stone vessel home with me.  The prices were very reasonable.
 She's so...heavy!  We went to Yew Dell on Friday and retrieved some of our sculptures that were in the 6th Annual Sculpture Show.  Meg and I entered 3 sculptures each - and each sold 2 out of 3.
 This is a stone vessel in the shape of a Mourning Dove that I donated to Yew Dell...
 ...and this is a close-up of the sign.
 It hasn't been all work.  We went to a neighborhood party where they served up the best fried catfish that I've ever had - it tasted like fresh Cod!  (The secret: soak the Catfish in salt and Baking Soda).
A pile of hemp fibers makes a great hiding place.