Saturday, February 28, 2015


I'm happy that I made progress in the first 2 weeks of February, because everything in the stone studio came to a halt for the last half of the month.  Monday, February 16, saw 7" of snow with extreme cold ...and ...there's still snow and they're calling for more.

In fact, I have only left the studio property one time in the last 2 weeks - that would give most people 'cabin fever'. This is my stone sculpture "Fly Like an Eagle"...somewhere under that sparkly covering of snow.
 I've been working inside by the woodstove.  This is today's update on a life sized concrete sculpture of "Goldberry".  I created a small sketch and scale clay model in the first week of January that was based on this character from "Lord of the Rings"; Goldberry is Tom Bombadil's 'significant other'.  After I detail her out, I'll probably try airbrushing some color to the piece.  Everything that I create is usually the monochromatic tone of stone - it might be fun to try something different.
...and this is her back view.  I really don't have any plans to exhibit or sell this piece - she's going to join last years concrete pieces and 'people' the landscape around the studio.  These concrete pieces are fast ways to produce a life sized figure - and they are for fun (and practice) while it's too cold to comfortably work outdoors.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Granite Hand Sculpture Progress

Outside, there's a wind chill in the teens with snow flurries, so this is a good time to sit inside and update progress on things.
 After the last post, there was a 2 day gap while I was waiting for this new order of diamond blades to come in.
 That gave me a chance to make repairs on "Newborn Crescent" from Bernheim which had been hit by a falling tree.  (The dark places are moisture from being freshly power washed).
 This is the side view.
 Then, back to the granite hand.  I moved the piece off the table and onto the floor - to safely roll it over. 
This picture was taken when I first turned it over. I made a flat place on the bottom to make the sculpture stable, add visual interest and help drain rain water out of it.  I made what improvements that I could and then flipped the 1,000 lb. stone hand over to put it back up onto the table.
 Here's how the sculpture looks today.
 ....and as you walk around it...'s getting very close to the final form.
 ...still walking around the piece...
 ...the back side...
 ( obviously, the red color on the nails will be gone soon ...)
I've got about 1 more hard day with the diamond wheels, but then I'll begin grinding, sanding and polishing the piece.  It's getting very close to its final form at this point.