Saturday, April 14, 2018

"Harmony" installed in White River State Park

April 12 was the 3rd day in a row dealing with cranes and heavy sculptures.  It was just too much of a good thing - emphasis on "too much"
 We started our journey crossing the Ohio River...
 ...and ended it on the White River.
 It was about the best day of the year so far - warm and breezy.  The site has an awesome view of downtown Indianapolis.
 Meg's always looking for interesting "interactions" through the camera viewfinder...
 Dereck Sheroan from JBB Inc. of Hardinsburg, KY had delivered the sculpture to the site on the old West Washington Street bridge.  Here's a video that Meg took of it being unloaded and posted on YouTube:
 I re-rigged the piece to stand it up.  There are 2 videos on YouTube that show it being stood up, Here's one:
... and here's the other:
 Joe Denning (yellow shirt) of White River State Park helped with the installation.  Here's a video of that:
 We fussed with it until I was happy with the orientation.
 I'm talking to Dale Enochs, a stone sculptor from Bloomington who had installed his sculpture on the bridge that morning.  Joe's talking to a photographer from a local paper.
After the installation, Joe Denning took us for a ride in their electric carts to see the wall between the White River State Park and the Indianapolis Zoo.  It's made of hundreds of monumental quarry blocks of Indiana Limestone.
Here's video of that:
and here's a video of part of the sculptures along the bridge:

Meg, Dereck and myself had a big meal and then made the 4 hour trek home.  It was 3 very long and stressful days - and yes, I'm taking a long weekend off before I go back at it.
(all photos and videos Meg White)

2 cranes and a Birthday

The day after scheduling a crane for delivering my Bubble Bench, I had 2 cranes scheduled to get "Harmony" out of the sculpture garden and ready to deliver to Indianapolis.  It was conflicting schedules and crazy weather that made for back-to-back crane lifts - and this day landed on Meg's Birthday.  She normally spends it with her twin, but I was happy that she hung out for the lifts.  
 I had to hire a 60 ton crane from Padgett to reach out across the sloppy wet ground and lift the sculpture.  We made some "landscaping" changes... what you don't see is the 8 inches of hardwood pads that are pushed into the mud and had to be pried out at the end.
 I like this fanciful picture of Meg's that implies we're going to hook into the hook shape on the sculpture.
 There is over 100 years of experience lifting heavy things, if you add up me and the 2 crane operators.  Yet, I went with "Birthday Girl's" plan for dealing with the 5,400 lb. sculpture.
 We lifted it off the concrete pad, turned it 90 degrees and set it onto boards with 2 layers of 'softeners'.
 We used the smaller crane to hold the sculpture, while I re-rigged the main straps to lower the piece to the ground.
 Then, we re-rigged again...
...and set it onto the smaller crane.  After Mike from Padgett had finished his part and left, I power washed the sculpture and got it ready for it's trip to Indianapolis the next day.
(all photos Meg White).

Bubble Bench Delivered and Installed

The weather finally cooperated to let me install my functional sculpture, "Bubble Bench".  (It had snowed here just a few days before!)
 Dereck Sheroan from JBB Inc. showed up with their 23 ton crane truck to take the bench to a private residence in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday April 10.  Meg took a video of it being loaded and I uploaded it to YouTube
 Way up there through the tree limbs is 2,400 lbs. of weeks and weeks of labor finding its way to the hard-to-reach site.  Nothing is easy.
 I was happy for the help at this end.  Many hands make light work.
 This may just be a temporary site for the piece....
 In the meantime, people can enjoy the piece where it is.
 I had a chance to check out how the landscaping was maturing around a functional sculpture of mine that had been commissioned a few years ago.  Everything is looking great!
I liked this picture that Meg took while at the site.
(all photos Meg White)

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!

 I'm posting pictures of the last 2 week's worth of progress while the chicken wings are cooking...
 This is a side view which shows how much material was carved off "Hope" on nice days.
 It's just about finished and ready for me to make the base. !!!SALE PENDING !!!
 I also snuck in a few days on a large sprout seat.
 It's titled "Determination" because the sprout is lifting and holding up the large square stone weight.
 There's been a lot of nasty weather, so I worked inside and made some limestone vessels.
 This one is called "Inverse", measures 19" x 15" x 7" high.  It represents the necessity for "keeping things close to the vest" and hiding one's inner worth in certain circumstances. !!!SOLD!!!
 The 2nd piece in this series in called "Cauldron".
 Here's an alternate view.  It measures 23" x 18" x 8" high and will sell for $680.00.  This represents Inspiration; ideas being cooked up to order...

 This piece is called "Drop in the Ocean".
 ...and another view.  It measures 20" x 10" x 12".  This represents the need to maintain one's individuality in a crowd.  It has a twist; there are ocean waves in the drop...!!!SOLD!!!
 This piece has a tentative title of "Back Petal".  This play-on-words is a leaf with a flower petal instead of a stem - a visual reminder that sometimes a cautious halt or retreat is better than beating your head against the wall.  Eventually, when the time is right, one can move forward again.
...and this is another view of that piece.  It measures 20" x 16" x 9" high.!!!SOLD!!!

The 6" of snow on Monday took everyone by surprise.  Looking forward to pretty spring weather...

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Winter Projects

This winter, I spent mostly indoors; working on designs for large sculptures in the mornings and making home improvements in the afternoons.  On occasions where it got above freezing (or I was completely stir-crazy), I ventured into the studio and made some small pieces.
 This vessel in Indiana Limestone was actually made 7-13-17.  I've been enjoying it in my house and hadn't been in a hurry to post pictures.   It's titled "Cozy", measures 8"H x 12"W x 6"D and sells for $480.00.
 The first sculpture of the new year was made from KY River Marble and is titled "KY Sprout", finished 1-30-18, measuring 9"H x 7"W x 6"D and sells for $480.00.
 This is the back view.  I love the "Copperhead" pattern in this stone.  It's VERY difficult to get pieces of this material.
 This was a small study for what could be a monolithic sculpture.  It is titled "Ring Seed", carved from GA Pink Marble, finished 1-31-18, measuring 7"H x 5"W x 2"D and was given as a graduation present.
 ...a back view...
 ...and alternate side view.
 This vessel form in TN Pink Marble is called "Sparks", finished 2-9-18, measuring 4"H x 12"W x 8"D and sells for $400.00.
 This is my favorite out of the series.  It is "Ascent" carved from AL Marble, finished 2-16-18, measuring 11"H x 8"W x 6"D and sells for $680.00.
 ...and an alternate view.
 This is the last piece created in the series and is called "Harvest".  It is carved from ID Travertine, finished 2-18-18, measuring 13"H x 11"W x 5"D and sells for $480.00
...and this is an alternate view.

I have also snuck in a few days on a new outdoor piece, but there isn't enough progress worth posting at this time.  Spring is on its way, which means that I'll soon be starting a new season of large outdoor sculptures. (The ones that I've been making drawings and models for, during these cold winter days).

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 at a glance

2017 had some rough patches and one particularly big "Downer"; overall, it was fairly productive...
 During the cold months of January and February, I stayed inside and made "home improvements" (file this under "who cares"...)
I also made 8 photo books from Shutterfly.  They averaged 80 pictures per book and it is a decent hard copy archive of the first 23 years of my career.  I still have 11 years more to archive...(makes me tired...) 

 Between February and July, I carved a buffalo for Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, KY.
 Mid-June, I had a small bench commission.
 June, July and August, I created this "Daydreamer Bench" from a 6,000 lb. block of Indiana Limestone.
 This is the view from the other side...
 August, September and October, I made this "Magic Carpet Bench" from another 6,000 lb. piece of stone.
 ...and the view from the other side...
 Toward the end of the year, I carved this sculpture of "Kissers".
 ...and another view of that piece.
 I finished the year out working on "Hope" which is 4-1/2' in diameter and started out at 5,000 lbs.
This side view shows me how much more work it'll take to finish this piece...when the temperatures come back above freezing.... sometime next year...