Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hand Finished

I finished the Hand Seat and moved it out of the studio.
This picture doesn't do this piece justice - I'll work on getting better images. I'm very happy with the way this sculpture came out. It will be shown in the Yew Dell Outdoor Sculpture Show opening on May 29.
I began a new project that will also go to the Yew Dell show. It is entitled "Exodus" and the raw block weighed in at over 2,500 lbs. It measures 5'-6"L x 2'-4"H x 1'-5"D.
The first task was to draw the design onto the block. Then I inscribed the lines with a small diamond saw. There's an extra piece on the end that is being cut off. I have cut all the way around with a big diamond saw. Then, I drilled 3 holes in the top for the 'feathers and wedges'.
The extra piece was broken off by gently beating on the wedges, and slowly building up pressure. The scrap will become a small sculpture one day soon.
The wildflowers are trying to do their thing, but it keeps raining. Photo by Meg White.
Wildflower with frost. Photo by Meg White.
Saturday, Meg and I attended a workshop, sponsored by the Louisville Clay Society, and hosted in the University of Louisville's ceramics lab. Beth Cavener Stichter demonstrated her technique for creating large clay pieces. It was a fantastic experience!

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