Sunday, April 19, 2009

artistic side trip

Work continued on my functional sculpture 'Exodus' for most of the week.

The main focus of my effort was carving the intertwining forms inside the center of the sculpture.
The forms were further refined and the edge of the bench was shaped.
The inside forms were roughed-in on the other side, as well. I have to use the air hammer to make these shapes. I'd been working hard in the stone studio for the last few weeks; it's only natural that I would take some time away from stone for a couple days.
So, this is where I took an 'artistic side trip'. I spent the last 2 days of the week on creating a design for a block of Alabama white marble that I have. The trapezoidal outline is the shape of the marble block, with the design drawn to scale.
I wanted to make a 1/4 scale model in clay. Meg showed me how to make a scale printout (on the right side of the table), which helped me to lay up the clay fast.
Jon kept me company during the process.
I thought that the model came out well. However, it is too involved of a project to have ready for the Yew Dell Outdoor Sculpture Show which opens on May 29. Therefore, this truly was a side trip, as it will have to be set aside until the time is right.
I usually like to do a little exploring this time of year, but it's been a cold and wet spring. Meg talked me into going down to Holt Bottom with her last Sunday evening.
Meg took this picture of Bluebells (?) that were blooming next to the creek.

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