Sunday, April 12, 2009

Something old, something new...

In terms of something new... continued all week on my functional sculpture "Exodus". I cut the extra stone off the top to make the bench surface.
The next step is the removal of the extra stone along the sides, where I will carve in the intertwining forms. I have ground the surface smooth, to make it easier to draw the design onto the stone.
I roughed in the profile along the end of the sculpture.
The process was repeated on the other side. The outer form was refined, including the shaping of the edges.
The Dept. of Fish and Wildlife bought up 1,000 acres in Holt Bottom (not far from here). We will show more pictures in a later posting. Shifting the flavor of this post to something old...this abandoned house stands on that property. Whenever I see an old house like this, I can't help but think about a time when the new owners were so excited to move into their brand new house. They raised their family, the house knew good times and bad...and now its time has come and gone.
The house's job is not completely finished yet. It's the home for these bees (and who knows what else).
This is a portion of the old highway 259. The horses and wagons no longer travel this path (for now). It's amazing how fast nature takes back over. You have to ask yourself, "Will what I'm doing today, leave an impression 100 years from now?"

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