Saturday, March 21, 2009

blog's first anniversary

I've made 55 postings over the course of a year. You can review any and all of those posts by clicking on the archive links in the right hand column. ...and speaking of right hands...

I haven't posted in the last 3 weeks because it's been slow progress on my hand seat. About a week ago, I turned the sculpture onto its back so that I could have a straighter perspective to carve the fingers. Keep in mind that the piece in the picture is 5 foot long by 3 foot wide. This is a big piece, and I think it's coming out great.
This is the front view, so that you can see the work on the fingernails. There have been lots of 'stuff' that has tried to take up my time, and keep me out of the studio. Meg and I both had a flu. Then, we had to make a 650 mile trip to Charles City, Iowa, so that Meg could give a proposal for a sculpture competition, in which she was a finalist. Also, I lost a some time dealing with car repairs, a grant application and 5 public art proposals etc.. It's always something.
This is the view from the road between the studio and the house - that's the Ohio River in the background. (You can see why they're called Whitetails).
A sure sign of spring is when my neighbor does a controlled burn on some section of his farm. Photo Meg White.
All the trees are still bare and dormant. But the first wildflowers have popped up. One of the first on the scene is Bloodroot. Photo Meg White.
This is the Bloodroot flower after it opens. It usually doesn't stay around very long. Photo Meg White.

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