Sunday, April 26, 2009

showing Mercy

Tuesday, we showed the studio and sculpture garden to 5 senior art students from Mercy Academy in Louisville.
Jennifer Pollard, their instructor, explained how the students had to produce 40 individual works of art during their independent study. I found that fact impressive, as producing work is the key to finding your individual 'voice'.
According to Meg (far right) , no visit is complete without climbing to the top of the caboose and looking around. I made a base for "Exodus", finished the piece and set it outside. This is the other side, with "Embrace" in the background.

I used the crane truck to get the block for a new project called "Uphold". I used the drill (foreground) to drill a series of holes. I put in 'feathers and wedges' and split the block lengthwise, to get the size that I needed.
The right half of the split block was laid down and then moved into the studio. This 1,500 lb. preform then had the design drawn onto it. It's exciting to start a new project.
Meg took this close-up of a Trillium when we were at Holt Bottom on Wednesday evening. She has other images on her blog.
Kentucky Cobra? Not hardly. Meg snapped this shot of a Hog Nosed Snake flaring its hood.
In the cliffs behind the house, Cliff Swallows take up residency in small caves. Photo Meg White.
In the swamp below the house, a crawdad dug a home. (free style adobe). Photo Meg White.

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