Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wednesday & Thursday in Oak Harbor

Wednesday August 27, was the scheduled date for the installation of my stone sculpture "Release" at Ft. Nugent Park in Oak Harbor, Washington.

Diamond Rentals gave effort and services "above and beyond the call of duty". They only were required to rent the forklift, but they volunteered to receive the freight truck, safely store the piece and then load it onto Island Sign's truck. I can't say enough about the community effort toward this project!

I followed the crated sculpture on its slow ride to Ft. Nugent Park.

Jeff, of Island Signs, and I use screw guns to uncrate the sculpture.

I used a hammer drill to make a 1 inch hole in the center of the concrete footer. Rick Marti used a square to make sure that I was drilling straight. (Looks like I need to move it to the right a bit). I had brought a small piece of threaded rod, just like what was under the sculpture, to insure that the hole was straight and big enough.

The sculpture was moved from the crate base to the footer using the rented forklift.

The hole and the top of the concrete footer had been covered with epoxy before the lift began. At this point Bob and Rick help me guide the pin toward the hole. Jeff is operating the forklift.

The final orientation had to be 'tweaked' a couple times. At this point -get it right, or forever hold your peace.

And speaking of community effort - Maillard Landscaping donated the topsoil! Steve Lang compacts the earth into shape.

Using a board, Rick and Bob make the conical shape that I was wanting.

One load wasn't enough, so I ordered a second load to be brought in.

This is how the installation looked at the end of Wednesday.

Carl Freund allows the local model railroad club to use his grandparents house, which is behind the house that they let me use for the week. They meet every Wednesday night, so I checked it out. Bill, one of the members, stands in the midst of the layered maze of railroad tracks that they've built.

John is operating the controllers. Two other members, Jay and Paul, were also in attendance.

Thursday morning, I snapped this shot of 2 Mule Deers nibbling in Karla's garden. An Anna's Hummingbird was working the red blossoms in the foreground, but too fast for my camera skills.

Throughout the day on Thursday, the Parks department installed the sod over the earthworks. They did a fantastic job - and donated the labor and material!!! I had a meeting with the Mayor of Oak Harbor, Jim Slowik, on Thursday morning. Also in attendance was Erica Schumacher, the project art coordinator, and Nora O'Connell-Balda, the chairperson for the Oak Harbor Arts Commission. Thursday afternoon, Erica Schumacher donated the use of her office and time to help me rewrite my speech for the dedication on Friday. Thursday night was topped off with a trip to Toby's in Coupeville where I sampled the mussels that are grown in the bay, right next to the pub. (and washed them down with a pint of Guinness). I was in the good company of Karla and Carl Freund, his daughter and niece, and Erica. You've definitely gotta try Toby's if you visit Whidbey Island.

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