Friday, September 19, 2008

"Release" dedication in Oak Harbor, Washington

My stone and earthworks sculpture "Release" was dedicated in Ft. Nugent park on Friday August 29th at 1 p.m. All of the photos in this posting were taken by K.C. Pohtilla. Thank you, K.C. for sending me a cd with these images and for permission to post them.

The Parks Department had brought out some tables, small tent pavilions and had set up a PA system. It was a pretty good turn out for the event ( and the weather held, just long enough).

Mayor Jim Slowik was the first speaker. He pointed out many of the officials and individuals who were in attendance, including a state senator. He also discussed the City's role in creating the percent-for-art program.

Nora O'Connell-Balda (the person on the left) was the second speaker. She described the Art Commission and its role in this project. The person on the right is Karla Freund. I've mentioned her hospitality in previous postings. I really enjoyed the time that I spent with her and her husband Carl - great people!

The next speaker was Erica Schumacher. From my point of view, she was the driving force behind this project. Erica has a background with art training, and I'm trying to talk her into pursuing art as a full-time career (come on in, Erica. The water's fine!).

And then... it was my turn. I'm not a public speaker, but I lived through it.
My speech was over and ..."Hip Hip Hooray!"

Hank Nydem and Doug from the Parks Department unveiled the sculpture.

'Rockie', Erica's kid was the first one to 'lay claim' to the piece.

The sculpture received the 'seal of approval'.

Cake and punch were being served under the white tent. Meanwhile, the sculpture was still undergoing the approval process.

We were finally able to get the sculpture for some photo ops. I think that it's obvious that Erica and I are happy with making this project a reality.

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