Friday, September 19, 2008

Denver Trip, September 9-13

Here's a brief posting of some of the highlights from my Denver trip last week. I will make a separate posting for the Denver mineral show, which was the highlight of the trip.

In western Kansas, I came upon an installation of wind generators. You can see one of the old style of windmills that were used to pump water, at the bottom of the picture. I thought that this was a great contrast: the old and the new.

Behind the new highway fence, you can see some of the old rock posts that were used over 100 years ago in the region around Hays, Kansas.

This abandoned old house is a masterful example of the stonework with the native Kansas limestone.

Skipping ahead 2 days and 600 miles, this is the entrance to Big Thompson canyon that leads up to Estes Park and Rocky Mt. National Park.

Half way to Estes Park was the trail head for the Round Mountain trail. It's located across from the old power plant.

At first, I started up Sheep Mt., but better sense prevailed and I turned around. I realized that I'd started too late to make the 10 mile round trip.

I still managed to make it fairly high up. I'd started at the road level, which you can barely make out in the picture.

I finished the day out with the drive up to Estes Park. The granite formations are awesome and these pictures don't give a sense of the scale and beauty that's in Big Thompson Canyon. I highly recommend the drive, if you get a chance.

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