Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Right Arm

Long Ago and Far, Far Away...
 ....a 25,000 lb. stone block arrived at the studio after making the 100 mile trip from the Bloomington, IN quarry.  This is 1 of 5 blocks for Meg's "Discovery" commission for Orlando, Florida.
 I split off a 9,800 lb piece lengthwise from the block.  You can also see odd-shaped corners that were cut off with the diamond chainsaw.  Derrick Sheroan is moving it out of our way for us.
 I used a grid with the plaster model to cut the outline of the bottom of the sculpture while the block was on its side.
 It was now time to flip it upright.
 Meg had made a full-scale template by photographing the plaster model and piecing together approximately 50 sheets of printed paper using a photoshop program.
 The template gave a more accurate view of the profile.  The extra stone could be cut quickly and with confidence.
 This is how it looks today.  It no longer looks like a quarry block.
It's beginning to look like the model (still a long way to finish...).

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