Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Seedling" installed in Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden

We woke early on Monday, June 10 and made the trip to Louisville to get a 24' flat bed truck from Thrifty Truck Rental.
 Dereck Sheroan met us at the studio around noon with the 23 ton crane from JBB Inc. out of Hardinsburg.  We loaded the pink marble sculpture up for the 325 mile journey to Dalton, Georgia. (photo Meg White)
 Early the next morning, I arrived at the Creative Arts Guild that is the site of the Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden. (photo Don Lawler)
 This is Leanne Lawson, Facilities and Events Director for the Creative Arts Guild, and one of my contact persons for this project.  She's standing behind a cast iron dog that we moved for them - as way of warming up for the featured event. ( The remaining photos were taken by Jim Sneary, who volunteered to help with this installation).
 We transferred the sculpture from the rental truck to the back of the crane.  In the background, is Terry Tomasello, Executive Director of the Creative Arts Guild, and my other contact person.
 We strapped down the sculpture to move it to the pedestal.
 I drilled the concrete pedestal and epoxied the stainless steel pin into place.
 Dalton City Police helped to block a lane of traffic while Jeff from Dalton Crane Service backed into position.  There were a lot of people involved in making this installation successful - and I really appreciate their help.
My camera decided to quit working at this point.  My pink marble sculpture is sitting on this concrete pedestal - you'll just have to take my word for it, until I get images from the Creative Arts Guild.  (How about that architecture?  Pretty creative!)

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