Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rose Island in Charlestown Park

Saturday, June 15 was my 52nd birthday.  Meg and I had a full and eventful day of it.  The morning started with "Garden Dialogues"; which was part a two day garden tour in Louisville and Lexington with Cultural Landscapes (that's worth a separate blog posting just for itself).
 In the afternoon, we went over to Charlestown Park in southern Indiana.  They had moved this 100 year old bridge from the White River near Indianapolis to cross over Fourteen Mile Creek.
 If you follow the trail straight from the bridge (direction that the last photo was taken), you'll end up at the Ohio River.  There are 3 of these stone pillars which were the gateways for visitors who arrived by steamboat to a bygone recreational area.  It was Fern Grove from 1880 to 1923, and it catered mainly to church and family groups.  From 1923 to the 1937 flood, it was Rose Island Amusement Park.
 There are lots of strange concrete foundations spread through the woods.  This place had carousels, a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster etc. (see Wikipedia Rose Island (amusement park).
 This is the remains of a large swimming pool.
 There was a piano...
 ...and a fountain
 A sign at the gate said "Ticks are possible".  Meg had about 125, they seemed really attracted to her light colored pants.
I only had about 25.  This is me, Birthday Boy (picking ticks).

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