Friday, July 5, 2013

Dubuque "Art on the River" Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit

This week's effort centered around delivering and installing my "River Boat Bench" in the temporary sculpture exhibit in Dubuque, Iowa.
 I rented a pick-up from Enterprise Truck Rental in Louisville to haul the 2,200 lb. sculpture.  I made the 550 mile trip to Dubuque on Tuesday, July 2nd. 
 Early on Wednesday morning, I arrived at the site which is on top of a river levee.  Downriver is the beautiful, contemporary architecture of the Grand River Center.  From this angle, it echoes the arch of the Mississippi River bridge behind it.
 Beside it is the historical architecture of the Star Brewery which was built in 1898.  My sculpture was set on the levee in front of it.
 Soon, I was joined by Jan Stoffel, Arts and Cultural Affairs Coordinator with the City (and my contact person for this event).  Beside her is Jason Lowrey from Williamsburg, VA who is another sculpture exhibitor and sharing the crane with me.
 The City provided a 50 ton crane from A-1 Crane Service.  Jim, the operator, did a perfect lift (what can I say...A-1!) (photo Jan Stoffel).
 Rod, also with A-1, arrived to help set up the jib extension on the crane and assist in the lifts.  It was approximately 125 feet or more from the the crane to the site - about as far of a reach as I've ever had to set a piece. (photo Jan Stoffel).
 After installing my piece (which went smooth and quick), they moved the crane to set up Jason's piece.  It is a combination of marble, IN Limestone and rusted iron.  This is one side...
 ...and this is the other.  Jason is bolting his piece down, while I was grabbed for a quick video interview.  (Point a video camera at me and I freeze like a deer in headlights.  For all their questions, I gave my stock answer "...uh...").
 This is the final view of my sculpture in its temporary site.
 Another view, as you walk around the piece...
...and the back side with the view of the Mississippi River.

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Anonymous said...

Nice piece Don...this work seems appropriately architectural considering the site.