Friday, May 31, 2013

"Seedling" moved from Sculpture Garden

On Thursday, May 30, Meg and I shared a 23 ton crane from JBB, Inc. from Hardinsburg.  We moved some of her large stones for her Orlando commission in the morning.  I'm sure that she'll show detailed pictures of that on her blog.  

 After lunch, it was my turn.  We went out to the sculpture garden to get my Georgia Pink Marble sculpture "Seedling" that will be going to the Robert T. Webb Sculpture Garden in Dalton, Georgia soon.
 Dereck Sheroan is our "operator-of-choice".  This was going to be a tough lift and it was good to have as much experience on hand, as possible.  The hard part was how to safely rig the rounded and polished sculpture.  It'd be easy for it to slip out of the slings.
 No problem!  It was safely lifted off its pedestal and turned onto its side.
 Then, we re-rigged it in a basket hitch to load it onto Dereck's crane to move it back to the studio.
 It is safely setting in front of the studio and ready for its trip to Georgia.
 After a long day of stressful crane work or installations, Meg and I will instinctively head for water to "decompress".  We took a splashy walk down a creek in the Yellowbank Wildlife Management Area where we found this beaver dam.  It has successfully raised the water level quite a bit.
 Sculptural potential is everywhere that you look. (are we really ever "off work"?)
Feeling lucky?
 (all photos copyright 2013 Meg White)

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