Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oak Park Sculpture Walk

Several good things have happened this week.
On Monday, I received a call that 2 of my sculptures had been selected for a temporary outdoor sculpture show in Oak Park, Illinois - which is due west of downtown Chicago. This is one of the sculptures; "Pod of Sun seeds", Indiana Limestone and Brazilian White Marble, 81" high by 39" wide by 33" deep.
This is the other piece; "Entwined Seedlings", Indiana Limestone, 45" wide by 21" high by 21" deep.
On Thursday, plans became more solid that my functional granite sculpture "Felicity" will be the focal point of a memorial to be installed in Floydsburg Cemetery.
Since the last post, I've made serious progress on a sculpture that now has a title - "Accord".
This is the back view. I hope to finish it and make a base for it this coming week.
On Wednesday, I came up with this design. It was inspired by the Tree of Life bronze that I did last year.
Ideally, it will be carved into this 7,500 lb. piece of Indiana Limestone that I bought in 2009.
I shared the studio this last week with 5 baby wrens that had gotten too big for the nest that had been built in a storage cabinet. They finally got big enough to leave - their constant chirping (neurotic psychobabble!) was driving me nuts!

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