Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zephyr Gallery Opening

The high point of the week was going to the opening at Zephyr Gallery in Louisville...but, business first...
This is how the stone sculpture "Accord" looks on its new base.
This is the back view.
Friday afternoon, before the Zephyr Gallery opening,, we went down Main street to check out the temporary foam mock-up of Michelangelo's "David". I'm in the lower left of the image to give a sense of scale.
John King had an installation of his glass sculptures in the ground floor gallery of Zephyr. This is one of his figurative pieces (photographed from underneath).
The upstairs gallery featured the installations by Mike Ratterman. In the first room was this creative use of salt blocks with plants. You can see part of another installation in the left of the image.
The 3rd room had this rose petal and salt crystal installation. David Biblehauser, a sculptor friend of ours, is the guy in the middle background. His wife Aerie and their daughter is on the right - she works at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.
This is a close-up of 1 of 3 salt crystal sculptures. The concept of the show uses the whiteness of salt to address the issues of Purity and the Transitory nature of Life.
Meg is always on the lookout for strange images - this one caught in a stripmall parking lot. (all photos copyright 2012 Meg White)

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