Sunday, May 13, 2012


Monday, I made a base for "Accord" (see last week's pictures), and I'll post a picture of the finished piece when I move it out of the studio.
Tuesday, I took advantage of the cool weather and returned to working outside on a very old piece, "The Crucible". This is a 4-1/2 foot diameter sphere of Indiana Limestone.
I re-honed the outside of the piece, but it has a long way to get the polished surface that I want.
Then, I began to carve the interior - making those intertwining vine forms that is my obsession (cheaper than therapy, I suppose). The concept behind this sculpture is: Industry and Agriculture are the foundations of human civilization.
Saturday, we went to an opening for the artworks of Marilyn Matthews and Kathy Wariner. This is one of our favorite paintings by Marilyn. They are our neighbors - well...20 miles is "just down the road" out here.
I have managed to get out for a walk down by the river a couple of times this last month. This time of year, I would prefer to get out more often. Oh well...
Meg snapped this "Disney moment" out the studio break room window this last week. There are 2 hen Wild Turkeys, a young spike buck and a mother Raccoon (in the shadows to the right), all eating cracked corn at the same time.

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