Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I've made a little more progress on the Trappist Monk stone sculpture entitled "One Thousand Years".

This is the view from the other side. I've roughed in the cord ends of the rope belt. There's plenty more work to be done before it is finished. Originally, I wanted to do a rough and quick 'sketchy' version of a monk, but I kept working on the piece, making improvements. I've invested a LOT more time in this piece than I intended.

I took some time off from the Monk project and made this Tennessee Pink Marble fountain bubbler.

We went to 2 art openings in the last 2 weeks. Mike Ratterman has a great show up at Bellarmine (we forgot the camera). This picture is from the Pyro Gallery opening that featured sculptures by Al Nelson and Bob Lockhart.

City lights with full moon. Meg snapped this shot on the way to Al and Bob's opening. (photo copyright Meg White).

Meg and I went to Tom and Claire Burkhart's 20th Anniversary party out at their farm near Charlestown. They had this bluegrass band, and a bunch of great food (and beer, of course).

We had another opportunity to hunt Jr.'s secret arrowhead patch. This time, we were accompanyed by Meg and Jr.'s wife, Connie. "find anything?"
"Me neither".

We went to McMillen's Halloween party. Meg has a lot more pictures from that event on her blog. (The link is in the right top corner). We also had a visit from David Schwartz and his nephew and niece at our studio on his 86th birthday. Happy birthday David!

Meg snapped this shot of a bug checking itself out in a mirror. (great antennas!)

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