Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hemlock Cliffs

This last week, we went to Hemlock Cliffs. You can find it by following the signs from hwy 237 a few miles south of English, Indiana.

There's a 1.2 mile loop path that leads down and back out of wooded ravines.

The eroded sandstone cliffs make a lot of fantastic shapes.

Lots of places to explore.

The 'honey combing' of the ledges are pretty strange.

There are 2 large rock shelters in the park. (If you can find me in this picture, it helps to get a sense of the scale).

There are "Hominy holes" in some of the boulders under one of the shelters. There's a real nice, big one, right beside me, in the rock that I'm sitting on.

There are countless little overhangs in the park, but the one rock shelter is huge. (room for the whole tribe). (again, I'm in the picture, for scale).

Some of the resident wildlife.

Blair witch? (all photos on this post by Meg White).

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