Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Return To Stone

It'd been weeks since I'd last carved stone. I'd been busy with mold making etc., and it was great to get back into the studio.

Meg and I have been watching the Avengers episodes that had Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel. She wears a large 'mod' belt buckle in several episodes.

When I went into the studio at the start of last week, I wasn't thinking, "I'm going to make a sculpture of Mrs. Peel". But, it sort of came out that way.

The piece of stone that I chose to carve had dictated the final proportions - long and thin.

I left a natural surface on the top of the piece to give it a fragmented look. It has a forward implied motion, to give it an air of 'action'. I'm very happy with the piece - it was too much fun.

Morning! Meg takes a picture of the sun rise, through her toes.

...and speaking of waking up, this Screech Owl woke from his daytime slumber just long enough to see what we were up to. (photo Meg White)

A hyper-dimensional tear in the fabric of our universe disturbs the infinite, featureless night, and all the galaxies and stars are spewed into being at the moment of Creation.'s a picture of a crack between our barns siding, lighting up donkey dust. Pick your reality. (photo Meg White)

What we perceive as more donkey dust, the digital camera obviously sees as something else. Does the camera strip away the veil of reality, and give us a "glimpse behind the curtain"? ...whatever... (photo Meg White)

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