Saturday, November 13, 2010

one thousand years: out with the old, in with the new

I finished the Trappist Monk stone sculpture entitled "One Thousand Years". I power washed the piece and moved it into the sculpture garden.

This sculpture sort of 'evolved' as I carved it. It ended up different from my original design, sometimes you just have to 'go with the flow'. I like the piece; I think it has a charm and appeal all of its own.

I also found time to create this floral birdfeeder. It is carved from 4 pieces of Indiana Limestone. The 2 flower-shaped vessels are held in place by fiberglas pins. They can be removed for easy cleaning. The stem is fastened to the base with a threaded stainless-steel pin. It can be unfastened, making it easy to move. It measures 29"H x 18" x 15" and sells for $800.00.

I've begun work on a large granite sculpture of a hand. It's called "The Gift" and could function as a memorial, as well as a water feature or garden sculpture. It will be carved from a single piece of Georgia Granite measuring 44" long by 24" wide by 18" high.

The first task involved drilling and splitting off a piece of granite large enough for the design. (photo Meg White)

Then, I moved the piece of stone into the studio.

Casualties of war. I've hardly begun the new project, and broken tools are already piling up. A hammer (made in China) and a carbide tipped drill bit have 'bit the dust'.

Tuesday morning, we noticed new aluminum power line had been rolled out along the 1/2 mile road leading back to our studio. (photo Meg White)

They had finished installing the new line by lunchtime. This new line is replacing copper wires (circa 1945) that used to supply our power. It's all good! (all photos copyright Meg White)

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