Sunday, October 5, 2014

Comet Sculpture and Cunningham Show

The weather has continued to be incredibly good and I have worked outside almost every day.
 Here is a picture that I posted 2 weeks ago showing a 7,000 lb. block of Indiana Limestone that I preformed into a comet-shaped bench.  This sculpture was inspired by the Comet of 562 A.D.  I'm not sure what to think about what I'm finding out about this event from internet sources.  Did it really lay waste to a diagonal swath across Britain like the writings of St. Gildas suggests?  Was it responsible for the vitrified forts in Scotland - where the outer rock walls of hilltop towns were melted together by intense heat?
 The back of the piece had not been considered at all, so I tried a pillow-like bush texture to simulate the tail of the comet.
 I didn't like it (at all), so I tried a sample of spiral and circular glyphs.  This is the right direction, but it's going to need some deep carving to bring out strong shadows (to make the forms read better).
 I refined the outer curves of the blast wave and gave it a twist to make it compositionally interesting.
 This is how it looks today, with a Celtic-inspired braid in the flames.  There's a HUGE amount of work needed to get rid of the flatness in the piece and create strong movements.  It's coming to that stage where days of work will only create subtle change.
Last Friday night, Meg and I went to Bellarmine college to see Caren Cunningham's art show that featured over 1,000 individual framed images taken from freight trains that pass her house.  The samples of graffiti were quite dynamic and colorful.  Seated in the chair is Ewing Fahey (aged 92) who has been an active sculptor and proponent of the Louisville art scene longer than I've been alive.

As we left, we were met by David and Kathleen Buechler (friends we hadn't seen in 15 years).  They invited us over to their house for drinks, where we spent an enjoyable evening.  As Woody Allen said, "Half of life is just showing up".  (...and, yes, it wouldn't hurt for us to get out more often...)

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