Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Ripples" Stone Sculpture Acquired

 The best news this week was the acquisition of my functional stone sculpture "Ripples" by the Public Art League to become a permanent addition to the public art collection in the city of Urbana, Illinois.
 The weather has been great this week, and I was able to resume work on my 30,000 lb. monolithic sculpture "Now is the Time".
 The image on the left was from Monday morning and the image on the right is from today (Sunday).
 I have also been working on my sculpture "Harmony": on the left, today - and on the right, July 20.  It has gotten to the stage where days of work go into it to make subtle changes and improvements. 
 There were a few days when I wasn't in the mood for subtlety; This is the before image of a 7,000 lb. stone and the image today of the preform for my "Comet" bench.
When I'm not carving stones, I'm looking for them.  Here are some crystals that I found near Brandenburg, KY this week.  I believe they may be Limonite pseudomorphs after Pyrite? 

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