Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bird Feeder Installation and Matt Weir's Show

Tuesday, I installed my craggy bird feeder at it's new home in a private garden outside Lagrange, KY.
 The bottom piece was about 700 lbs., so I was happy that I had help with the use of their tractor and Eric as operator.
 I drilled the pre-poured concrete footer and put in a 3/4" stainless steel pin and monument-grade epoxy to hold everything in place.
 Eric helped me carry and install the other pieces of the functional sculpture.
 Signed, sealed and delivered.
 Next, we went down on Market Street in Louisville to Revelry Gallery to see Matt Weir's show.
 There were several drawings of clouds and other pieces, but the show stoppers were 2 large limestone forms draped over metal supports.  Great work as usual, Matt.
 We went home over the Kennedy Bridge, which gave me my first close look at the new bridge construction.
About 70 feet above the river, workmen were building the piers.

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