Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

It feels like summer...and time to turn on the air conditioner.
 I finished a fountain that I call "Been There and Done That".  A textured organic form explores the confines of the polished vessel, makes its rounds and flows on - I see this as an allegory for Experience (...and thus the title...).
 It is carved from Indiana Limestone and measures 36" x 30" x 16"H and weighs about 300 lbs.
 I will soon post this with a price on my "For Sale" blog (link in the right-hand column).
 Other news, I had an art collector make the trip down from Michigan this week to pick up the sculpture entitled "Accord".
 It is Indiana Limestone and measures 6'H x 3' x 2' and weighed approximately 1,500 lbs.
 His visit was the catalyst for moving sculptures out of storage and into the sculpture garden.  The first one out was my life-sized Monk.  His goblet has already been filled with seeds and the birds went right for it.
 I also moved out my life-sized nude girl.  I leveled the ground and set concrete pavers down for both pieces, and then I sealed them with breathable masonry sealer (Behr #980).
 I also set out 2 pedestals like this one - I put the granite companions on this one and my "Sail" stone vessel on the other.  I also installed a 3/4 life-sized female torso, a floral birdbath, and used Meg's crane truck to set out the stone trough and a sculpture called "Exposure".  All these pieces had the ground leveled, slate put down as a barrier to keep the limestone off the dirt and mulch put around every piece.
I also set out this experimental birdfeeder platform made from
Colorado Marble and Vermont Granite.
(No wonder I feel tired! Time to sit down in front of that air conditioner).

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