Sunday, May 18, 2014

7th Annual Yew Dell Sculpture Show

 (All photos Meg White 2014)
 We loaded up Meg's crane truck to deliver our submissions.  This is her Alabama Marble sculpture entitled "Lifting the Veil".
 While we were up at the gardens, Wyatt Gragg was installing his pieces.  He sold a bench during the opening.
 Besides us 'old-timers', there were a handful of emerging artists installing their works.  This solar-powered sculpture by Shohei Katayama sold during the opening.
 It was exciting to watch Mike McCarthy install his 3,000 lb. "Francis" with an articulated forklift.  This piece has several animal heads peeking out from the figures hair and beard - cool to check out!
 The featured artist this year was Ed Hamilton, who sold one of his bronze heads during the opening.
 Other sales included pieces by Caren Cunningham (shown), Craig Kaviar and Casey Hyland. 
I'm very happy (ecstatic) to report that I sold this stone "Seraph" which was a collaboration with Meg White.  I also sold a stone "Raindrop" vase from the gift shop.  I'm hoping to report many more sales by the end of the show which runs through August 3.

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