Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fly Like An Eagle

For a couple weeks, it's rained every day.  It has now turned hot - like it always does in Kentucky during the month of June.
 I finished this Indiana Limestone sculpture that measures 44"W x 22"H x 14"D.  It's called "Fly like an Eagle" and it shows armor plating opening to reveal a spread of Eagle feathers.  It represents the delicate balance between freedom and security.  It was inspired by the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety".
 I've also been laboring hard, trying to finish "Ecliptic" which I started in December 2012.  I've been pouring day after day into this thing - each day thinking "it just needs another day".
(photo Meg white)
 Meg found this shark's tooth embedded in Kentucky Limestone.  I'd heard that the Indiana Limestone we carve has them, but I've never seen even one in 30 years of working with the stuff.
 Last Tuesday, I went to Tom Mitts' house in Newport.  This picture shows his kitchen window.  We had an early celebration for our adjacent birthdays; we ate and drank (too much) and caught the 3D movie "Edge of Tomorrow" at the local Imax.
 Sunday, June 15 was my 53rd birthday.  Meg and I went for a walk in the woods (and we only found about 12 ticks each, way down from last year's score: Don 25 - Meg 125).
 Meg checks out the minnows - the minnows check out Meg.
 A rock loaded with fossils.  It's cool as it is - wonder what it'd look like polished.
...and here's another one that came home with us.

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Tim Armstrong said...

Don lawler
How have you been ? It's been many years since I have seen you last ( arrowhead hunting ) you, Benny , and myself . I was wandering if you could do a bubbling boulder piece for me to put in my front yard ( you are an amazing artist ) I remember going to your studio with my grandpa (john harder ) when I was younger and seeing some of your work and just loved it . You can contact me by email like to see some more of your work . Thanks and hope to hear from you soon !!!