Friday, February 28, 2014

His and Hers Monoliths

Things have taken a great turn!  I'm so happy I could burst...
 Yesterday morning, a 70 ton crane showed up at the studio from Padgett Crane Co. in New Albany.
 A semi from Stone Belt Trucking showed up with a 40,000 lb. stone.
(photo Meg White )
 This is Meg's stone for her Anchorage, Alaska commission.  At 9'H x 6'W x 4'-7"D, it is huge and excudes its own field of gravity. 
 Behind it is her unfinished earthworks / stone sculpture called "Conversation".
 Also, while the crane was here, we stood up my 30,000 lb. 8'-6"H x 6'W x 3'-8"D stone. Last night, in the starlight while walking around these huge monoliths, it felt like I was in a Stanley Kubrick movie. (que theme from 2001...)
 The "3 Graces" wait in the shadows.

2 deer calmly saunter in the background while I took pictures of my rock - 1 on the left and 1 on the right.

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