Sunday, March 9, 2014

Now is the Time!

I began a new major project called "Now is the Time".  It addresses our most precious resource: our time and energy.  It is intended to stir the viewer into action - if you have unfinished business or unrealized dreams, now is the time.  If you want to make a difference, now is the time.  You can be great, don't wait - now is the time.
I began with a front view photograph of a clay model that was printed to scale and gridded off into 1 foot squares.
 I used this to transfer the design onto the huge stone.
 The most exciting portion of any major project is the beginning.  You fly into it with full force.
 ...then, the 'polar vortex' sends another 1/2" of ice, some snow and freezing temperatures.
 Most of the ice and snow has finally melted off.  This picture of me working on the scaffold helps to give a sense of scale.
 This is how the project looks today - a strong start.
A seed and feed parfait - presentation is all important when approaching timid woodland creatures.


lepakking said...

Now is the time... TO HAVE FUN!!!

don lawler said...

so said the grasshopper to the ants...