Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"RESOLVE" Functional Stone Sculpture

Winter just won't let up this year...
 I layered up and went back into the stone studio anyway.
  I came up with this functional sculpture (bench / seat).  It is a single block of Indiana Limestone, measures approximately 33"W x 28"D x 18"H and weighs about 1,500 lbs.
 This is a different approach for me - I intentionally left rough stone faces and made the rest of the forms emerge from the rustic matrix.
 The 'pathways' are bush texture to be a visual and tactile complement to the polished surfaces.
The polished forms have rounded edges that give a soft, cushiony feel.
 I am excited about this new direction, because I want to try it with monumental-scale quarry blocks.  I hope to "read" the stones and find what to leave, and what to change.
 I made this base for the piece, but it killed the 'feel' of the emerging natural stone and how I wanted it to be perceived as part of the earth. 
 ( Not every move is a move forward...part of the learning curve).
....and speaking of curves...
2 jets left these spiral trails above the studio this week
(...what a ride that must have been...)

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