Friday, July 19, 2013

Arms Race

Meg and I have been working on her "Discovery" commission at a furious pace
 This is how the right arm looked in the last image that I've posted.
 Meg switched over from working on the head to form up the hand.
 This is the back side....
 ...and this is the view of the progress on the hand (as seen from above).
 The left arm still looked like a quarry block, so I switched over to it when Meg took over the right arm.
 It's July...and hot!  We hung sun tarps to give us some shade.
 This was the view of the front of the left arm before I started...
 ...and this is the preform, as it looks today, waiting for Meg to carve the hand.  (at least, I knocked the grass back...)
 Sweat Angel.  With heat indexes hitting 103 to 106 all week, I'd go inside and let the cool concrete pull the heat out of my body. ( Yes, I know...that's just plain gross).
...and speaking of Sweet Angels...when I do the books (at least once a month), the first thing that I like to do is gather and arrange the receipts in order....

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