Thursday, May 9, 2013

6th Annual Yew Dell Sculpture Show load-in

After sitting out for two years, we decided to display some of our sculptures in the Yew Dell Outdoor Sculpture Show again.
 As we loaded up last Monday, we were treated to a full double rainbow (best that I've ever seen!) - I take this as a good omen.  There were ripples of multiple rainbows inside the main arch.  The photograph didn't catch the colors well, but you can see the intensity inside the main part.  The panoramic camera feature also made the stone studio (right) look really "contemporary".
 I made a crate for Meg's "Daphne" stone sculpture.  We loaded it onto the back of her crane truck and made everything ready for the 70 mile trip.
 Tuesday Morning, a 23 ton crane from JBB, Inc. of Hardinsburg showed up at the studio.  We loaded some of our pieces onto his truck and we made our way to the gardens.
 Dereck Sheroan lifted the first piece into place, which was the base for Meg's "Lilly".
 No sooner was the sculpture in place, that a Mockingbird claimed "Lilly" as part of its territory.
 I set my "Exposure" stone sculpture under some nearby bushes.
 Next, we set a functional (bench) sculpture of mine titled "Entwined Seedlings".
 "Daphne" was placed in front of a Lilac that was in full bloom.  This is the "showstopper" - by far, the best piece in the show this year.
 We moved the crane over to an area near the back of the gardens.  After leveling the ground, we set up Meg's "Otter in Lilly Pads" inside a fountain basin.  Meg fixed up the pump, added water and an electric line - it's ready to go!
My torso sculpture "Summertime" was the last piece of ours to set up.  It was a super-long couple days getting everything ready and installed.  I'll be happy to take my time during the opening on May 17, 5-8 p.m. so that I can take a good long look at the other sculptures in the show. (all photos copyright 2013 Meg White).

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Looks great Don...hope you guys do well!