Saturday, July 14, 2012

Morgan's Raid on Main Street

July 7 and 8 was the Civil War Re-enactment in Brandenburg, Kentucky. Meg and I went Saturday to check out Morgan's Raid (149 year anniversary) on Main Street. It was 103 degress!
The action began with a 'drunken' shoot out in the middle of the street. The guy with a feather in his hat is our good friend Eddie Franke.
There was this interesting interaction between a Naval officer and a southern belle.
The confederate raiders charged up Main Street.
They were met by Union resistance.
General Morgan receives advice.
One of the Cavalry.
Artillery was brought into position.
The height of the battle.
Some made it through...
...and others did not. (The belle in green is our friend Loretta Young).
This is the encampment of Eddie and Loretta, which we visited after the Main Street raid. ( All photos copyright 2012 Meg White)

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