Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Fledgling and Some Cool Coons

The second week in July was incredibly hot, with temperatures over 100 degrees.
I began my days early to beat the heat. I made this thumbnail clay sketch while drinking coffee one morning.
Then, I traced the design onto a likely piece of Indiana Limestone.
It gradually took shape.
This is its final form. It is entitled "Fledgling" and was inspired by a second batch of Warblers that had been successfully raised in a cabinet inside the stone studio.
It measures 26" long x 16" wide x 12" high and weighs about 60 lbs. This large stone vessel will sell for about $480.00.
In the afternoons, I stayed inside and filled out public art applications. What's this right outside the window? (photo Meg White)
There are 3 babies and their mom. (photo Meg White)
They took over the fountain and kept coming back all afternoon. With temperatures at 103 degrees, can you blame them? (photo Meg White)

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