Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bench Installation

The main event this week was the installation of my functional sculpture that I made this January and February (see archives for those 5 posts).

Early on Friday morning, Derrick Sheroan showed up at the studio with the 23 ton crane from JBB, inc. Meg's sculpture "Lilly" is watching the truck back into position.

Derrick set up the crane, I rigged the sculpture and we loaded it onto the back of the truck.

We made the 60 mile trip to the site. The weather was perfect and the Dogwoods were in full bloom. It was a great day for an installation.

Derrick got the truck into position and set up for the lift.

Meg is always on the look out for new photographic perspectives. Which reminds me, the sculpture is titled "Reflection".

John Naville, one of my main contacts for the project, is standing where the bench needs to go. It's a long reach, and it is everything that the crane can do, to get the piece over that distance.

Derrick floated the bench over into position and we set it into place - no problem.

This is "Reflection" in its new home.

Here is another view.

This antique stone gear was found on the property and used as a fountain element. I've never seen anything like this, and my preliminary google search didn't find anything like it either.

This was a fairly straight forward installation without any complications. However, all installations are stressful, and Meg and I will inevitiably head for water after one, to decompress. Meg chose the Falls of the Ohio, which was partially flooded. Even from 1/4 mile away, the power of the water churning through the flood gates was tremendous.

A view of the old stone and iron railroad bridge that goes over the falls.

The Falls are created by a stone ledge that is full of fossils. Fossil collecting is now prohibited. But, I saw a piece of this stone that had been collected years ago and polished. The matrix stone is shiny chocolate brown and the fossils shine up a milky white.

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