Sunday, April 15, 2012

Alabama Marble Leaf & Friday the 13th

I didn't get a lot of studio work done this week because I had to fill out 3 different public art opportunity applications.

But, I now have this piece to show. It is carved from some stone that I bought in Slyacauga, Alabama.

It is Alabama White Marble, 15" long by 8" wide by 4" high and weighs approximately 10 lbs.

It is for sale at $340.00, which includes free shipping within the 48 contiguous states.

...and speaking about Alabama Marble, here is Meg's sculpture that she has almost finished. But, that is not why I showed this picture. I have a design for the 11 foot long, 10,000 lb. piece of Indiana Limestone beneath it. I hope that I will be able to get it started soon.
Here is a picture that I took this week. It illustrates what I hate about diamond blades. When they fail, they will send off a piece of shrapnel - not cool, not cool at all.

Chris Mozier (in the red plaid shirt) had an opening at Pyro Gallery on Friday the 13th. I hope that it was lucky for him. His work is progressing at a rapid rate of ascension. We had a chance to talk to Mary Dennis Kannapel who had attended the Public Art Symposium at U of L earlier that day. We also had a chance to talk with Matt Weir and his girlfriend (far right). Matt recently sold a piece to 21C Museum and is on the brink of a very major commission. Without a doubt, I was very happy that we made the trip up to Louisville.

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