Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving week

Thanksgiving was this week, but these Wild Turkeys at the studio weren't on anybody's table.

This is the progress, as seen from the front view, of my granite hand sculpture.

This is how the back side of the sculpture looked at the end of this week. You can see the clay model in the top left of the picture.

The price of progress. Six diamond blades have 'bit the dust' so far. Granite burns them up fairly fast.

The temperatures have turned cold. Meg snapped this shot of frost crystals from a freezing fog up at the studio this morning.

Work continued on the addition to the clay studio. After JBB, Inc. finished roughing in the plumbing and putting in the septic system, it was Roofmasters turn to show up. They poured the concrete floor and have begun framing up the walls.

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Tina said...

I like you blog and the interesting pictures. Unfortunately my English is not so good so I dont understand quite all, but the pictures often speak for itselves. This hand reminds me of a sculpture in Paris, where we once took pictures from some years ago. Your work looks fantastic.

Greetings from Hamburg :) Tina