Sunday, May 2, 2010

100th blog post!

This is the 100th time that I've uploaded content onto this blog. That's saying something...(not sure what...).

I got distracted from working on "Promise", and began another project "Sun Block" (because of an unforeseen opportunity with a tight deadline). This piece of stone was split from an earlier project called "Strength". You can see a picture of "Strength" by scrolling down to the Roanoke installation posting below.

I drilled holes to remove the excess piece on the end - I want a cube shape. I've put in 'feathers and wedges'.

The extra piece will become a head study soon. That head study was split from the Sun Block base, which was split from the Roanoke bench "Strength", which was split from the arm for the 40 foot Schaumburg Muse. (which was split from the ground in Bloomington, Indiana - go figure).

...the first rays...(..of Don)

All 4 sides of the base have the sun design carved into them, now.

The base with the sun motifs will hold up this polished cubic meter (39.37 inches cubed, 6,000 lbs.) of Spanish Marble.

This is a close-up of the marble to show how wildly beautiful it is. It's got occasional crystal pockets and it is covered with dendrites (moss-like vein patterns). I'll assemble this piece while the crane is here later this week. I'll post finished images of this sculpture on next week's post.

They Came From The Stars! (photo Meg White)

...I hear...I obey... (photo Meg White)


artistatexit0 said...

Congrats on your 100th post! This may sound odd, but does the Spanish marble come from Spain?

don lawler said...

Yes, Spanish marble comes from Spain....but not from the plain, where it mainly rains.
(that rock is better traveled than I).