Sunday, October 4, 2009

Roanoke Benches - week 2

Progress continued on the 1st of 2 benches for Highland Park in Roanoke, Virginia.

If you compare this picture with the one at the end of last week's post (below), you can see that I've laid the piece over onto its side. Then, I refined the intertwining forms with an air-powered hammer that drives a carbide tipped chisel (pictured).

After a couple days of that, it was time to bring out "the secret weapon" - a hydraulic-powered, water-cooled, diamond-tipped chain saw. In one morning, I cut out the 1,000 lb. piece of stone from the center of the sculpture. This scrap piece will also become a sculpture sometime in the future.

The sculpture was rolled back into the shop and flipped over with the gantry crane (not as simple as it sounds).

The intertwining shapes had been roughed in with a 4" diamond saw.

I used the air hammer to refine the shapes, just like on the other side. At this point, I am using a forked chisel to help thin and shape the intertwing forms. That's the essence of stone carving: thinning, refining, then thinning and refining some more, and so on...

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