Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Miles to go, before I sleep..."

This week was just a little bit too busy for my taste. But, it took a great turn when Meg received news that she had won the $42,000.00 commission for the Hux Cancer Center in Terre Haute, Indiana!

Monday, I was involved with a little bit of 'community service' at the St. Theresa Cemetary. (...and it was volunteer, not ordered by a judge).

On the way home, Meg moved this Rat snake out of the road, so that it wouldn't get run over.

Tuesday, we rented an Isuzu box truck with a lift gate from Ryder, to deliver our sculptures for the Holidaze exhibition in the Owensboro Museum of Fine Art. Meg snapped this shot of me mirroring the pose of her bronze baby elephant, as I slid it into the truck.

First, we installed my stone 'Riverfont' outside, in front of the Museum.

Then, we installed Meg's bronze "Ely" in a central location on the lower floor.

Wednesday, we rented a Dodge Sprinter van from Thrifty Truck Rental, where I spent the next 4 days, driving to Colorado and back, transporting Meg's Home of the Innocents bronzes. I fully recommend the diesel-powered Sprinter, if you need to rent a van. They come with cruise control, a captain's chair (engage!), and a sound system that's better than the one in our house.

From the signs, I got the impression that Kansas produced more than it's fair share of astronauts. (I guess there's something about the place that inspires people to achieve escape velocity?).

Seriously, Kansas has a rugged beauty, as this picture from the Flint Hills shows. I would love to find the time to explore the post rock region. There's a wealth of history to discover, such as multitudes of old buildings made from the native limestone.

This is the 'Front Range', as seen from Loveland, Colorado, which is the location of Art Castings bronze foundry.

Saturday evening, the sculptures arrived safely at our studio. Our neighbor, Steve McMillen, helped us unload the 2 sculptures.

The task for this coming week involves pinning these bronzes to their granite plinths, and installing the finished monuments in Cave Hill Cemetary of Louisville, Kentucky.

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Suzanne Humphreys said...

Meg's sculptues for the Home for the Innocents project are beautiful. I really appreciate the flow of the mother to child to dove all reaching toward the heavens. It was nice seeing you, Don and was very nice to meet you Meg at Dan's place a couple of weeks ago.